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Our Home Loan ServiceA young woman kissing her husband on the cheek as he secures their first home

Once you have made the decision to purchase a home, it is time to start making the real decisions like “Which type of home loan is ideal to your situation?”

There are several out there, some need more requirements than others, some lenders may even allow you to make an interest only repayment for a limited time versus a principle and interest repayment. Speak to us to find out more.

The determination of which loan suits your needs can be hectic and ever confusing to a certain degree. Fear not, this is what Easy2Mortgage brokers trained for. Our expert staff are well versed on the recent changes to the home loan industry. We are focused on passing that knowledge onto the consumers to be educated on the many options that are available to them. We at Easy2Mortgage take extra steps to ensure our clients receive a suitable home loan product that matches their lending requirements.


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a young husband and wife with their baby sit and chat to a woman in their dining room . They are all referring to some paperwork in front of them and various paperwork is dotted about the table.First home buyers have a unique resource available to them called “First Home Owner Grant” (FHOG). This program can vary from state to state, it is designed to offer general
assistance to would be home buyers regardless of the state in which you reside or wish to reside. For further information on the changes to the program please contact one of our courteous professionals, who would love to explain in further detail the changes and how they have come to affect each state.

What type of the loans?

Options are vast and really do depend on the type of property, buyer’s purchasing history, Veda score, and the list could continue from there. This is why it is in the interest of prospective home buyers to seek out a reputable mortgage broker capable of explaining the benefits and disadvantages that each type of loan poses to your individual financial circumstance.

It is here that our prowess is truly recognised, as Easy2Mortgage doesn’t simply help you to fill out loan applications. Our skilled personnel search high, low and in between to find our clients  suitable loan products and lenders to fit their criteria instead of trying to fit our clients into the criteria of the lender.

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Fixed rate mortgages offer the borrower the security of knowing that their repayments
stay the same for the duration of the fixed period. Whereas variable rate mortgages can have an annual percentage attached to the loan that changes from year to year. Fixed Rate mortgages are great for those that want stability in their budget as the payments are predictable and will never be the source of an unwanted surprise. Nevertheless it can be disadvantage to those who want to pay off their mortgage quickly or planning to sell or upgrade their homes, as breaking terms of the fixed rate loan can put the borrowers in breach of their mortgage and as a result be liable for the economical cost.

Variable rate mortgages on the other hand can be unpredictable, as the interest rate may vary from time to time. However Variable rates could be an advantage to the clients, who wish to pay their loan off quickly or planning to sell their house in the close future.

Our brokers can also offer assistance in finding the right lender for your home refinance, second mortgage, or home equity line of credit. We will also take the time to explain the differences between all such loans and the benefits as well as disadvantage of each product.

Easy2Mortgage strives to provide our clientele with every bit of information available in order to come to a collective conclusion on the most responsible means of securing funding for home loans and any other sort of home related funding. Contact us and allow us to occupy your corner, you’ll not be disappointed.